OpenALPR On-Premises Web Server
You may apply custom branding to the OpenALPR On-Premises web server.  To do so, edit or create this file:
And add the following content:
    'product_name': 'YourProductName',
    'company_name': 'YourCompanyName',
    'images_path': 'branding/',
    'show_email_header': True,
    'support_email': 'Your email address',
    'support_phone': 'Optional Phone Number Here'
You can then place a logo.png and favicon.ico into:
Now restart the web server with: 
sudo /etc/init.d/openalpr-web restart


OpenALPR Configuration Utility

Create or modify the file in


Add the following lines to the configuration

logo = [path to png logo file]
product_name = Your Product Name
company_name = Your Company Name, Inc.
documentation_link =
about_text = OpenALPR is an Automatic License Plate Recognition AI engine made in the USA.
copyright_text = Copyright <current year> OpenALPR Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.

Now when you rerun the configuration utility, the references to OpenALPR will be replaced with your company's information.