Auto Discovery

Axis cameras have two sets of credentials, the system (e.g., root) account, and the ONVIF users.  It's possible to login to a camera via the web interface (with the system account) but auto discovery will fail because it is looking for an ONVIF account.

ONVIF access is enabled by default on ONVIF capable Axis devices. Once a new root password is set on the camera, however, ONVIF access is disabled until a new ONVIF user is created. 

To re-enable ONVIF access:

  1. Access the camera’s interface using a web browser: Example: http://<deviceIP>.
  2. Click Setup from the main page.
  3. Navigate to System Options > Security > ONVIF.
  4. Click Addto create a new user in the Users List. 

    Note: If a user is already present, you may click Modify to reconfigure the user credentials and privileges to use that account to enable ONVIF access again. 

  5. Follow the prompts to enter the appropriate user information.
  6. Reconnect to the camera using the new ONVIF user credentials. 

    Note: This user is specifically used for ONVIF access, and is separate from user settings under System Options > Security > Users.

ONVIF connections should now be available.


Connect Manually via VAPIX 

Axis cameras also expose an easy to use manual stream URL.  For example, to manually connect to the RTSP stream for your camera, you can use:



One additional convenience is that you can also control the frames per second (FPS) and resolution from this URL, rather than having to configure it in the camera.  For example: