Watchman Agent provides default settings which will ignore parked cars for 3 minutes, however you can customize the configuration if your use-case differs. To adjust settings using the GUI, go to Configure > Agent Settings > Advanced. You can also manually edit the configuration files from the command line 

The following describes each configuration parameter

  1. parked_car_detection_enabled (default 1): Must be 1 for any of the other settings to take effect. Turn off (i.e. 0) only if you want to receive repeated results for parked cars
  2. parked_car_max_delta_ms (default 180,000 = 3 minutes): How long to wait between subsequent recognitions before forgetting about the parked car. Increase this if you receive too many results for cars that have been parked for a long time. Alternatively, you can add a detection mask (per camera) to permanently ignore certain areas of the input video by going to Configure > Detection Mask
  3. parked_car_max_distance_multiplier (default 1.2): How close from the previous location (as a percentage of the plate size) the plate must be to consider it parked
  4. parked_car_max_text_distance (default 1): How many character differences between plate numbers are allowed to be considered the same parked car

AlprStream SDK users can adjust the same configuration values by using the set_parked_vehicle_detect_params() class method. Currently this is only exposed in the C++ binding on Linux, so Python or Windows users will not be able to call the method