What You Need to Get Started

  1. A camera currently installed and connected to your home network.
  2. A registered account on OpenALPR.com.
  3. A dedicated Windows or Linux computer to process your video.

Open Eufy Security App

  1. Select the camera you will use to identify license plates.
  2. Click on NAS (RTSP Stream) and Enable NAS RTSP Stream.
  3. Write down IP address, port number, username and password. For the Eufy camera, your username and password are both (blank).


Operating System Specific Instructions

Microsoft Windows

  1. Download the OpenALPR Windows Installer.
  2. Right-click the .exe file, run as administrator, and follow the install wizard.


  1. Open a new terminal
  2. Ensure you have curl installed
  3. Run our installer script and choose “install_agent”
  4. Select yes/no when prompted to connect the Agent to your cloud account
    sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y curl
    bash <(curl -s https://deb.openalpr.com/install)  # select "install_agent"

Configuring the Agent

Launch the application and enter your OpenALPR credentials.

Start the configuration and select “Watchman Cloud” as your destination. Once again, enter your credentials.

From here, you will now be able to connect your camera stream.

  1. Toggle the cameras tab on the left if it is not already active.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Keep set to IP Camera (Auto Discover).
  4. Click Add Camera.
  5. Enter the IP Address and Port Number you copied earlier and click OK.
  6. Double-click on the IP address in the listing.
  7. Since your Eufy camera does not have a username and password, leave both of these blank and click OK.
  8. Click Test and make sure a live video stream is displaying.

Congrats! Your camera is now connected to Watchman and you can view your data on cloud.openalpr.com.