If you know readable plates have gone past your camera, but there are no recent results showing in your dashboard, here are a few items to check.

1. All services are running

From the agent's configuration utility, go to the services tab in the upper left and check that the agent, link, and queue service are all green. The agent runs the AI software on each incoming video frame, the queue stages results from the agent locally, and the link connects the agent to your webserver and uploads results. All three need to be running in order to see results in your dashboard.

2. Network conditions

Even if all three services are green, you should also confirm that the agent status has a green thumbs up from the webserver's configuration page: https://cloud.openalpr.com/configure/agents. If there is a red thumbs down instead, there is likely a network issue between the agent and webserver that the link service is unable to overcome. In this case, check for any firewall settings or unusual router configurations that might affect data uploads.

3. Host computer power

The computer where the agent is installed must be turned on and logged in 24/7 with good internet connection. Make sure there is no system maintenance and/or user action that could have interrupted this.

4. Prior Windows bugs

If your agent is installed on Windows, check the software version by going to Help > About. All versions prior to and including 2.7.102 have a known bug related to the queue service. This has been resolved from 2.7.103 onward.

You can get the bug fixes from the latest installer, and safely install over the top of the existing software if you pay via a month-to-month subscription. If you have a legacy licensing setup, please check that you have paid for the appropriate maintenance before attempting to install a newer version.