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Rekor Public Safety Network (RPSN)

Rekor Public Safety Network (RPSN) 

What you’ll need to get started with conducting searches in RPSN: 

  1. 1) Law enforcement agencies can request access to search RPSN by submitting a request to with a subject of RPSN Access Request. 

  1. 2) Provide your agency name and Company ID associated with your instance.  The company ID can be found under the account settings section. 

  1. 3) The Support Team can help you with the remainder of the configuration. 

What you’ll need to get started with contributing your collected data with RPSN: 

  1. 1) Logged in as a system administrator, select the data sharing option under the configuration menu in the left vertical menu of 

  1. 2) Under the RPSN settings make sure the enable sharing checkbox is active. 

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